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We make tools for humans

We design, build, and ship web applications through thoughtful design & serious engineering

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We use a simple & straightforward process that focuses on making the right thing.

We believe in the right blend of product design, technical savviness, and deep client understanding.

Why working with us?

We focus on what we do best. We’re doing it for so long that we have a rock-solid process and tools that help us create better software and grow better businesses.

What projects you do

We initially work to understand you and your business, (or the one you want to build), then we do our research and see if the project is a good fit. We’re the best at building tools that help people do their work better (SaaS). If we will love you and your business and you will love us, we will work together.

What’s the process like?

Is it a zero to one? Broken stuff? Are you growing an existing product? A project starts by looking at the big picture, chunking into pieces, and going deeper while gaining more knowledge and validation. We aim to create the smallest thing possible in the shortest amount of time, and it leaves enough room for testing and iteration on the smallest details. We believe in “Do your thing, make it work, and don’t mess around.”

Who are you?

We’re a team of three people who share a variety of skills, such as business development, marketing, design, and software development. We were working together for a long time and created a system of remote work that simplifies everything. We were also creating stuff ourselves and always looking forward to achieving higher goals.

Eden Vidal / CEO
Aleksey Korzh / CTO
Artem Zhylko / VP R&D

How much does it cost?

A project starts from $80K. We’re focusing on just a few projects a year and want to ensure we have time and resources to deliver the best return on investment.

I’m interested, now what?

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We had the privilege of helping businesses build their SaaS products..

“Working with the Ralate team was simply fantastic - fast turn around cycles, high quality results achieved by going into the anatomy of things”.
Gadi Naor
Co-Founder & CTO @
“Not only that going from zero to one went very smooth, the Relate teams left us with resources to scale even further”.
Dotan Asselmann
Co-founder & CTO @
“The Relate team are so experienced, they designed our entire app from stratch and worked closely with the R&D team. I , HIGHLY, recommend working with them”.
Guy Shachar
Co-Founder & CEO @