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Need to scale design?

We’ll work closely with your teams to adjust Relate exactly to your use case whilie taking into account all variables - We'll map your design system, guidelines, workflow and coding standards.

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What is Relate all about?

Relate is all about changing the game so designers and developers will work better, faster, and most important - together.

Why is Relate different?

Relate is a production tool, getting the visual design process closer into the development environment - the real source of truth. Modern design tools such as Sketch and Figma are focusing on ideation, only simulating the functionality of the final product. We created a pure abstraction on top of the same code the browser runs - HTML/CSS/JS. It opens a direct connection to the medium and a seamless design and development workflow for product teams.

What's a library?

A library is a live project that includes pages, components, states, styles... All of what makes a design system and the visual implementation of it. A library can be reused in another Relate library or continuously sync to a different codebase.

What does Relate output?

Relate beta is all about the basics - You get vanilla HTML/CSS. We'll soon add the components layer and support production-ready React components.

Can I download my project?

Of course.

Will Relate support the other frameworks too?

Yes. Down the road we'll be able to produce React Native, Vue.js, Preact. You name it.

Can Relate import code?

Basically, yes! As a first step, you will be able to render your NPM/GIT libraries (as dependencies) and mix your code with Relate generated code. Later on, we'll support editing the generated code and let it flow in both ways.

Will Relate add any dependencies to my project?

No, you use the components that you created from within your library without any other dependencies.

Is Relate a desktop app or web app?

Relate is a progressive web app - which means you'll be able to install it on your desktop too if you got Chrome 70+. (At the moment Relate works only on the web).

When will Relate be released?

We planned the beta release to Q4 2019, and the 1.0 version to early 2020.

Is Relate free?

Relate is a bit similar to Github - Public libraries will remain free forever while private libraries will be hosted under a paid plan.

Why do you need money?

We bootstrapped Relate over the last 20 months, rethought the entire design-development process and created a rock-solid foundation. We took the tough paths on purpose, we didn't compromise, and now we think we're onto something and asking you to believe in us. With the money, we will start expanding our team (of three) and build the great stuff that is about to come. We will also use this as the closest benchmark towards market-fit so that we can remove risk, get significant funding to build a sustainable product company and a beautiful community around it.

Risks and challenges

After two years in the making, we got most of the core built, and we are starting to bear fruits. We are moving very fast, however, Relate is a massive engineering project, the next challenges are always waiting for us, they will keep coming.

We promise transparency, and we'll always share occasional updates about our progress. We will let you know about everything that comes in our way. In case we didn't deliver, we guarantee you'll get your money back.

You can always track our progress and status in our Spectrum community, check our public roadmap and release notes.