Design-to-code Conversion

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Per page - 5 Sections,
In 24+ Hours

Cross-browser Compatibility

Responsive Design

Beautiful HTML/CSS

W3C validation


Support and care

Wait a sec, how does it work?

Simple. Send your design and conversion requirements using this form. Relate representative will then contact you for further steps and make sure your design will go through the right algorithms and optimized for the 100% accurate conversion. You will receive an invite to review your converted design when it's ready.

Can I export the produced code?

Of course! It's 100% yours. No vendor-lock. Remember?

What should I provide?

You can provide any vector drawing of your website, done in any design tool. No restrictions.

What do I get?

Clean, semantic HTML/CSS pages and a Style-guide as a Relate project.

Relate simply converts static design to web-pages. You will then need to tweak, edit, and connect links or custom code.
No worries! - We're always here to help.

What about responsiveness?

As responsive as you can imagine.

What if there are repeatable sections? 

Great, don't pay for them and easily duplicate when the conversion is done.