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A story of design tools and the future of software

If you're a designer, you're probably like us, spending most of your days pushing pixels and ideating in image-based design tools, struggle to manage the lack of consistency across design and development environments, passing over files through multiple iterations to try and reach some sort of semblance of what it is you initially envisioned.


The products we create are evolving dynamically yet the tools we use to design them have not changed on a fundamental level in over three decades. These current tools lock us into a fixed, stagnant canvas, the form takes precedence over content while we are designing for an open, unlimited medium.

We've evolved leap years in design yet the tools and processes are archaic, defunct and lean too heavily on print. We're making a broken process work - It requires too much manual effort, documentation and to make matters worse, designers have no effect on the actual product.


We at Relate invite you to change your way of thinking


Take center stage

Have you ever stopped to think - this could all be so different. Why are all of us designing complex component systems in static design tools and, even worse, handing them off instead of building the real thing ourselves?

Blend your design with code

Relate is a visual abstraction on the one hand and on the other hand is the exact tool developers are used to. It kills the design handoff and stops us from working in disparate environments.


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