Why Relate
“We were bridging the gap when what we needed is to move the tectonic plates”
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Web design and development have evolved rapidly in recent years. The way we build products is in flux — the job is becoming even more demanding.
But something feels wrong.

We waste time and money making a broken process work

"Design systems not pages"

We are working separately, maintaining different environments, using two languages to describe the same thing.

The design objective, of course, is to allow stakeholders to navigate through a series of non-functional images we call a “prototype", so even when we get it right, the process is slow, requires too much manual effort, and designers has no effect on the actual product.
design and development
"Designers should code"

Design tools discourage systematic thinking by enforcing form over content.

The medium we are designing for embraces the exact opposite. The internet is designed for content, and design for content is design for meaning. The next generation of design tools should help us define our process instead of enforcing one

Introducing Relate


In a Relate project, the design is a living system of components, powered by code and integrated with the development process.

Relate saves time by creating a direct connection to the medium, enabling the creation live design systems powered by code, as well as styling, stating, and relating it in an entirely visual way.

"Form follows function"

With Relate, design & development teams will work together on the same source of truth.

Relate utilizes the same code base as developers, so the design work impacts the product rather than merely creating images of it. It seamlessly outputs HTML/CSS/JS in real time, to virtually anywhere.

It’s only
the beginning...

Wouldn’t it be nice to get designers and developers closer? By making existing processes easier, product teams can move faster while reducing cost.

We are evolving, and will adapt it exactly to your needs.