Relate is now...

And we think we're up to something.

We're working on this problem for a half decade now, and a lot has changed - The world, the market, the economy and we've changed too.

Design and development have changed. Therefore, we decided to take a step back and rethink how we would approach the same old problem today. This led to the development of new interesting solutions. Who knows, one of them may become the design tool of the next generation.

And what with the legacy editor, you're asking? You can continue using it. Here's a hint: Whatever you make there can be used later in this new thing, in an entirely new and different way.

Stay tuned to the upcoming announcement of Rainbow!

Design with the true power of the web. Be simple and dangerous.

Relate is a simple and intuitive environment to create the web as if you're editing a document. (BTW, the first web browser was also an editor). While you act on your ideas, beautiful, clean, simple HTML & CSS are generated in the background.

It made for the people. We believe the web should be accessible to whoever want to create for it. No fancy screenshots. Just simple and editable web pages -  edit this page  and see for yourself.

AND, your design is a living product  with unlimited capabilities . You can define the true visual logic of your interface and embrace CSS as the ultimate common ground with your development team. And yes, you can also add your own JavaScript code on the fly.

It's quick and simple to start with libraries such as Tailwind , Bootstrap , or your own stuff. You can, in fact, build an entire design system and use it in another Relate project. Just like we did with this page .

Go live instantly. Publish on the fly.

YES. Your project is hosted as a live site on Amazon Web Services. With the fastest hosting and content delivery network ever. 24/7 monitoring and SSL certificates. Your website is always reliable, fast, and secured so you can hit publish and continue with your life.