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Design & develop
at the same time

Relate is a visual development environment for fast, live team collaboration

Our Preview Release is live! No waitlist, simply signup and try it out ->

Design directly in the web

While you design, code is generated in the background
and can be published anywhere.

Coming soon

Your design is a living system of components

Build production-ready UI components,
handle deploying & versioning.

Coming soon

Design + Code. 10x faster
and infinitely more efficient

Define the real logic behind your interface. Manage everything visually, consistently and systematically. React? Vue? Web Components? No problem.

Coming soon

Continuous Design Delivery

Relate outputs legible presentational code that you can sync to a codebase and share with your production environment.

Coming soon

We believe in Open Design

Share open UI libraries with your team or the entire world

We're getting ready

No waitlist, simply signup and try it out!
Our full feature set will be working like a swiss clock by the end of 2020.