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Create prototypes that look and feel like real apps

Coming 2019

Relate is a visual development platform for designing systems. It outputs beautiful, semantic code and achieves a single source of truth for you and your team.

Wasting time making a broken process work?

Relate connects you directy with the medium

Manipulate and test the actual thing, together in real time, visually and in-context.

Your design is a living system of components

Powered by real code

Design + React. 10x faster and infinitely more efficient

Define the true logic behind your interface. Manage everything visually, consistently and systematically. Not using React? No problem, we will support the other frameworks too.


Share one source of truth with your production environment

Relate outputs legible presentational code that you can sync to a codebase with GIT and use with your existing tools.

Relate believes in open design

All the world's a stage

Public component libraries

Reuse production-ready components libraries designed by the Relate community or share your own components with the world.

Home to the design community

Help us make Relate amazing so you can create something amazing too

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